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Nov 6, 2012 6:00am EST
government is going to do, like roads and bridges, and now we're in the middle after hurricane sandy like fema. and i think dean is a very interesting question that befuddles me because it started with jimmy carter, one of jimmy carter's, numbered bureaucratic innovations was fema. and reagan did was take it scarce and did we take it certificate didn't staff it with professional. then in 92 bush senior got burned with a response to hurricane andrew in florida. and clinton wrote in his autobiography, i made a mental note at the time, i'm not going to get elected because of my disaster management record but i could sure lose this job i'll make darshan going to hire a pro that will really with fema into shape, which he did. and then bush junior comes in the. he has a government agency after eight years, which everybody likes. no one is mad at fema in 2000. and then bush, for nobody is reason to me, besides forget it, let's start privatizing functions again. let's put and political cronies again. let's go back to the old way. and he got burned. and so obama comes back and put in a pro. people
Nov 8, 2012 6:00am EST
presentation. donna cruz from aids united. wonder how hurricane sandy and a possible need for fema to get some emergency supplemental funding will impact on the lame duck and if you could talk a little bit about that and if the, if you think the c.r. that goes through march now will be folded into that to be finished out for the year. >> let me talk about that, because i was an appropriator. um, the appropriations process has not only broken down, it's been shut down. and as a consequence, all appropriations decisions are made with respect to the c.r., and the c.r. ultimately is written in the leader's office. so those decisions will not be made in the lame duck by majorities on either side. they will be made by harry reid on the senate side and either agreed to or acquiesced in by john boehner on the house side. that's the worst way to legislate and appropriate is to put it all on the hands of one man, two men in this case. but that's the way it is. so i can't give you any guidance on that. talk to harry reid and see how he feels. talk to john boehner and see what he would agree to. but there
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2